Prepare Yourself for Scholarship Test in Pakistan Public School

Prepare Yourself for Scholarship Test in Pakistan Public School

Pakistan Public School & College is pleased to announce that a scholarship test will be held on March 19, 2023, Sunday, from 09:00 am to 11:00 am. The purpose of this test is to identify the best and brightest students who deserve financial assistance to pursue their studies in our prestigious institution.

We encourage all eligible students to prepare themselves thoroughly for the test. The syllabus for the test has been attached to the website, and students are advised to check it out to ensure that they cover all the necessary topics. It is important to note that the syllabus is different for different classes, so students should pay close attention to the one that is applicable to their class.

The scholarship test is a great opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and skills and to earn recognition for their hard work. We are confident that our students will rise to the challenge and perform exceptionally well on the test.

We wish all the students the best of luck with the upcoming scholarship test. We hope that they will prepare themselves thoroughly and approach the test with confidence and enthusiasm. We look forward to welcoming successful candidates to Pakistan Public School & College and helping them achieve their academic and personal goals.

If you don’t register for the scholarship test, you can register yourself by clicking down;

Scholarship Form: Register yourself 

Test Syllabus

For pdf, you can download it from Here

Class 2nd & 3rd : CLICK HERE

Class 4th , 5th & 6th : CLICK HERE

Class 7th & 8th : CLICK HERE


From the table, you can obtain the individual syllabus for each class.

1.2ndClick Here
2.3rdClick Here
3.4thClick Here
4.5thClick Here
5.6thClick Here
6.7thClick Here
7.8thClick Here


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